Specialists in leadership development, executive coaching, customer/donor service training, and telemarketing programs.
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Our Core Philosophy
At Prize Inside, we believe that people are more productive when they love their work and use their talents every day. Work should be a thoroughly enjoyable experience with challenges to help you and your team grow and win. Prize Inside helps you to make that happen.
Why we’re named Prize Inside
When I was a child walking home from school with my friends, we’d stop at the store to get snacks. My buddies chose candy bars or soft drinks but I’d always go for the Cracker Jacks, tear off the top, and fish around inside. The popcorn and peanuts were good but I was after something more. Every box had a secret and I couldn’t wait to dig around and find it. When I finally touched the inner package, I’d feel the thrill of discovery, and surprise and delight at getting the prize inside.

When we reach within ourselves to uncover potential talents and new possibilities, we add passion to our professional and personal lives. As a customer service trainer, facilitator, consultant, and coach, I help people discover their own prize inside - how to be the best at what they do. It’s there just waiting to be discovered.

Some of our programs include
* Customer/Donor Service Relationship Building: Creating Loyalty

* Followership Program: Managing leadership transitions

* Communication training workshops for sales and marketing managers and staff

* Executive coaching for creative senior executives, partners, and entrepreneurs in market-driven firms

* Telesessions on leadership, teambuilding, communication, creative thinking and motivation

* Retreat design and facilitation

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Marti Campbell
Specialist in

Customer/Donor Service teaining

* Leadership Development

* Executive Coaching

* Star Employee Retention

*Helping people love their work

*Retreat Planning and Facilitation

* Workshop Planning and Facilitation

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